Trades People and Professions with a ‘Place’ on this web site
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Place owner Introduction

Once you register as a place owner you can enter and update information on a ‘Place’ owned by you and shown on this web site. There can be only one “Place owner’ for a Place. A Place owner maintains the information so that it remains current. Information on the ‘place’ may change over time, particularly opening times. But place owners can also at any time upgrade their images, add YouTube links with video clips (e.g. drone photography) and, of course, change introductory text and other details as they appear on this website. More state-of-the-art functionality that facilitates communication with other Place owners, the community and travelers is planned. New functionality will be introduced progressively.

Vendors Introduction

As a vendor on this web site you would be joining an online marketplace as well as a traveller information centre where people come together for a Kiwi holiday experience.
One of our primary objectives is to support independent small business with the lowest possible online business overheads. Just 5% commission on confirmed booking and purchase transactions and no membership fees for 12 months.
There’s no warehouse – just a community of people selling the things they care for. We make the whole process easy for “Vendors” and Travellers.
We will help you set up your vendor/booking site. A Vendor Handbook is under development. Our Terms and Conditions are designed to protect both you the vendor as well as the traveller. We have implemented modern, best practice security and online shopping technology. We have implemented a comprehensive eCommerce system for Shopping, Bookings, Appointments and Rentals that has over 30,000 active installations world-wide. Online financial transactions go through Stripe and PayPal.
If you have any questions on becoming a vendor or would like to proceed with registration, please complete this form and we will contact you either by phone or by email.